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Precision in Digital Health Solutions
Delivering digital innovation in Health and MedTech
Improved patient outcomes

We believe exceptional user-centred design leads to better healthcare. Our experts meticulously craft accessible intuitive interfaces and empowering experiences for all.

Reduced time to market

By uncovering potential use errors, usability hurdles, and unmet needs throughout the design process, we proactively address challenges before they become roadblocks.

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Healthier tomorrows, designed today
Health: Designed for humanity

We bridge the gap between technology and humanity through intuitive wearables interfaces that motivate healthier behavior and ultimately, better health.

Medical Devices

Our designs seamlessly translate complex medical data into clear visuals, empowering providers to make informed decisions and perform surgery.

Visualisaton and Portals

From in vitro diagnostics to patient portals that put health information at your fingertips, we make health data clear and empower informed choices.

Health Monitoring

We design beautifully simple user interfaces for clinicians and patients, maximising information access and engagement for better care across patient pathways.

Medical monitor, heart machine and healthcare, cardiology and equipment with stats and vitals in hospital. Medicine, health information and wellness, digital and screen with EKG and ECG in clinic.
Helping reach underserved communities
Embedded patient public involvement.

Forget mere pixels and screens; we delve into the heart of patient pathways, meticulously understanding every participant – from patients navigating their well-being to surgeons using cutting-edge tools. We expertly weave their diverse needs into every design decision, crafting interfaces that empower surgeons, optimise treatment plans, and seamlessly guide patients along their healthcare journey.

Driving better patient outcomes

Our user-centric approach isn’t just about sentiment; it’s about results. We create visually stunning solutions that don’t just look good, but are accessible and demonstrably improve health and drive business success.

Reduced Cognitive Load
Increased Patient Adherence
Trust Allegiance
Data-Driven Decision Making
Competitive Advantage
smart medical technology concept,advanced robotic surgery machine at Hospital, robotic surgery are precision, miniaturisation, smaller incisions, decreased blood loss, less pain, quick healing time
Saving time and cost
Risk mitigation

Our user-centric approach significantly reduces project risks. By uncovering potential use errors, usability hurdles, and unmet needs throughout the design process, we proactively address challenges before they become major roadblocks. This iterative approach ensures smoother execution, allows for agile innovation, and ultimately leads to successful digital product design that truly satisfies user needs.

We’re passionate about crafting digital experiences that not only meet user needs but exceed them.

We prioritise the unique needs and preferences of your users, ensuring that every interaction is tailored to their expectations.

Emotional connection

Our designs aren’t just functional; they evoke emotion. We make users feel understood, valued and appreciated.

Independently reviewed evaluations and custom builds
Usability Testing
Usability Lab Infrastructure

Working with your Trust, we design and install bespoke usability labs, improving access to research.

Virtual Labs

Observe patients and clinicians interacting with your products via cameras, eye and motion tracking.

Comprehensive User Research

We take your risk profile and develop a protocol, provide facilities and independent moderation.

Decentralised Solutions

Expand reach and accelerate insights. Our labs break geographical research barriers.

Mobile Field Labs

Close the healthcare equity gap. Reach underserved communities with inclusive field labs.

Focus Groups

Uncover deep user insights through bespoke one-on-one and focus group sessions.

World-Class Infrastructure

Whether you envision your own bespoke lab for in-person studies or you require the flexibility of virtual labs, we deliver robust infrastructure tailored to your needs. Our expertise extends beyond the physical setup, encompassing meticulous calibration, cutting-edge technology integration, and seamless workflow design. By ensuring a controlled and comfortable environment, we set the stage for meaningful user interactions and rich data collection.

Shaping Informed Decisions

Our commitment to user-centricity goes beyond technology. We leverage rigorous evaluation methodologies and insightful focus groups to uncover the nuanced needs and desires of your target audience. Our skilled moderators guide insightful conversations, facilitating a deeper understanding of user behaviour, motivations, and pain points. We equip you with the data-driven insights to make confident design decisions and launch products that resonate with real users.

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